clear vitality energising aromatherapy set

Clear Vitality Energising Aromatherapy Set

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A perfect selection of two energising products from our CLEAR VITALITY aromatherapy range.  With Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, and Peppermint essential oils to invigorate the nervous system, clear the mind, fboost the body, improve concentration and banish tiredness.

Use the organic skincare body wash first thing in the morning to awaken the senses and kick start the day. 

Apply the natural pulse point roll-on during the day whenever a little boost of energy is required.   The roll-on can be carried with ease and used while out and about.  

contains a 100ml shower gel and a 10ml pulse point roll-on in an attractive gift bag with gift tag.

Ingredients: CLEAR VITALITY PULSE POINT ROLL ON 10ml: Soya oil*, Peppermint essential oil*, Rosemary essential oil*, Eucalyptus globulus essential oil*, Tea Tree essential oil*. Aqua, Potassium cocoate (from coconut oil)*, Potassium oleate (from olive oil)*, Glycerin*, Potassium citrate, Eucalyptus essential oil*, Rosemary essential oil*, Tea Tree essential oil*, Peppermint essential oil*, Citric acid. *ORGANIC INGREDIENT. CONTAINS LIMONENE, LINALOOL - NATURAL COMPONENTS OF ESSENTIAL OILS DIRECTIONS FOR USE: USE THE SHOWER GEL IN THE MORNING TO AWAKEN THE SENSES. APPLY THE PULSE POINT ROLL-ON TO THE PULSE POINTS ACROSS THE DAY AND INHALE IN ORDER TO ENERGISE AND ENLIVEN. THESE PRODUCTS CONTAIN THERAPEUTIC ESSENTIAL OILS THAT WAKE UP, AND CLEAR, THE SENSES AND MIND.