Easy Sleep Organic Baby Oil

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"Touch comes before sight, before speech.  It is the first language and the last and it always tells the truth".  Margaret Atwood

Our Easy Sleep Baby Oil is the perfect natural way to use touch to soothe and calm and connect with your baby.  Infused with calming essential oils to help settle your baby as part of their bedtime routine

With gently nourishing and strengthening Apricot Kernel and Olive oil to moisturise and keep skin soft and free from dry patches

In luxury frosted glass bottles with eco bamboo lids to help minimise our use of plastic in our journey towards plastic free

Size: 50ml bottle

For use on infants over 12 weeks

chamomile essential oil - naturally sedative and soothing

lavender - naturally sedative and soothing

cold pressed organic olive oil - skin strengthening and nourishing

cold pressed organic apricot kernel oil to nourish and feed the skin

Full ingredients: Cold pressed organic sunflower seed oil*, Cold pressed organic olive oil*, Cold pressed organic apricot kernal oil*, Lavender essential oil*, Sweet organic essential oil*, Roman chamomile essential oil*.
* Organic ingredient

Contains Geraniol, Linalool, Citral, Limonene, Citranellol - natural components of essential oils

Warm the oil between the hands before smoothing with a gentle and loving touch across the surface of your baby.  Massage in a clockwise direction across the tummy to help ease symtoms of colic




Ingredients: Sunflower seed oil*, Olive oil*, Apricot kernal oil*, Lavender essential oil*, Roman chamomile essential oil*, Sweet orange essential oil*. *Organic ingredient. Contains Geraniol, Linalool, Limonene, Citronellol - natural components of essential oils.