Sleepy-Time Baby Gift Set

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A beautiful baby gift set dedicated to blissful and natural sleep.

With our award winning Sleepy-Time Baby Massage oil - the perfect way to nourish and gently soften skin after bathing, with organic Apricot Kernel, and soothing Lavender, Sweet Orange and Chamomile.  

After applying the massage oil use our soothing Sleepy-Time Pillow Mist to add further calm to the bedtime ritual.  Spritz this 100% natural sleep aid onto bedding before laying down for a blissful sleep.  With organic floral waters and essential oils that have been used therapeutically for years to aid in relaxation, this is the perfect addition to a calm bedtime routine.

The set comes complete with an organic muslin cloth, the perfect baby accessory for dribbles, mishaps and little spills.

Ingredients: See product listings for Sleepy Time Pillow Mist and Sleepy Time Massage oil for full information.