Natural DIY recipes for summer skin

Natural DIY recipes for summer skin

 The summer feels like it's finally here - we've had amazing weather this week in the UK (for most of us anyway!)

Here are a few amazing tips on treating and loving your summer skin for when you or your family get slightly singed or caught out by the high UV rays.

Natural After Sun-Solutions for burnt or sore skin:

The easiest fix for a burn on the skin (of any kind) is to apply some neat lavender oil to the area if the area is relatively small.  I know, I know, neat and undiluted essential oil applied directly onto the skin is not the usual advice!  However, Lavender oil is incredibly skin-kind and i've used it neat on my kids from a young age in small volumes.  It can be bought inexpensively from most health food stores and it really does speed up the process of healing and effectively.  Avoid using neat on the face however, and opt for the below alternatives...

For an even better fix that can cover a larger area of the skin or to use on the face, buy some infused organic calendula oil and keep on hand.  Add a 10ml bottle of lavender oil to the calendula oil so that you are working at a 10% dilution rate and apply liberally and regularly to the burnt area.  Calendula is a natural anti-inflammatory as well as a great moisturiser so will help ease the redness AND moisturise the area to minimise peeling and dryness

Aloe vera gel, again easy and cheap to buy, is a natural product that is incredibly soothing for hot and frazzled skin.  My tip is to keep it in the fridge for additional cooling relief.  As with the calendula oil add 10ml of lavender oil to 100ml of the aloe vera gel for a maximum healing effect

For a more complex recipe that involves cooking up some ingredients to make a beautiful balm, this is my go-to:

After Sun Healing Balm:

  • 15 g shea butter
  • 45ml calendula oil
  • 25ml olive oil
  • 3ml lavender oil
  • 1ml roman chamomile oil
  • 1ml helichyrsum essential oil (if you can't get this more expensive, unusual oil then substitue in an additional 1ml of roman chamomile)

Melt the shea butter in a double boiler, or in a bowl on a pan with water boiling in the bottom of the pan.  Take the bowl off the pan and add the calendula and olive oils.  Allow to cool to approx 50c then add the essential oils.  Pour into a clean jar or container and pop into the fridge to set.  This will make approx 100g.  The balm is really rich and nourishing and a little will go a long way.  It will help soothe sore skin in addition to being a fantastic treat for dry summer skin - particularly legs. Keep in the fridge as it can go grainy thanks to the fats in the shea butter, which do like to seperate and form little granules.  Don't worry if this does happen though as it doesnt' mean the balm has gone 'off'.  The grains will melt when rubbed into the skin.

I hope you get a chance to make this, if not and you're looking for a ready made option you can always buy our Rescue Balm which is available here

I hope these tips are handy, get in touch as always if you have any questions!

Love Marie x






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