About Bloom...

bloom remedies organic natural skincare

Based in the wilds of West Cornwall, Bloom Remedies have been handcrafting their Aroma Wellbeing and Natural Skincare products using traditional techniques and the finest natural ingredients for nearly a decade.  Our impressive client list ranges from well known national names to small boutiques and we offer a level of customer services that all our clients have come to love.  

Based near beautiful Marazion in west Cornwall, our small team use essential oils, herbal extracts, organic base oils and a whole lot of love to create fragrant and therapeutic wellbeing and skincare products to help us all live a better and more balanced life.  These amazing gifts from nature are the secret force behind Bloom's founder Marie Hall - an accredited aromatherapist and member of IFPA with a diploma in Essential Oil Science and a beating heart full of intuitive passion.  With her indispensable and committed team Marie and her husband Stephen have built Bloom into a business that distributes their natural loveliness far and wide.

"I launched the company in 2011 a couple of years after a full blown whirlwind of life events had literally picked up myself and my entire family and taken us  into the beautiful landscape of West Cornwall.  With a plan to build and launch a wellbeing brand, and with a crazy gut feel that I was going to somehow immerse myself in my love for plants and essential oils, I began to formulate and my husband began to plan the business framework that would make it all happen.  This was in-between being a full time Mum (my kids were still very young at this stage).  I didn't realise it at the time, but the focus that I gained from working with essential oils every single day, the joy that they gave to me, and the break that I was able to take from no longer giving my energy to private therapy clients, was a genuine act of salvation.  The oils nurtured me and spoke to me.  I gave to them, they gave to me, and Bloom was born"

Within a couple of years the products were being sold across the country in independent boutiques and were being recognised nationally for the quality of their results.  Bloom has so far picked up over 14 national beauty awards, and we are now sold as far afield as Sweden - all thanks to the our gifted and authentic understanding of the energetic power of essential oils.

As small batch producers, using high quality botanical ingredients, Bloom has a unique and close connection to our end product, and we constantly monitor the raw materials that we use.  Every stage of our making process is done by hand - from batch mixing, to labelling and bottling.  This quality process, combined with the mindful and soulful way in which the products are created gives us an intuitive edge.  

But we couldn't create without celebrating and thanking all that nature has given us,  We thank her by minimising our impact, and always treading lightly:

  • buying organically whenever possible
  • recycling and reusing wherever possible
  • avoiding all use of over-harvested or environmentally damaging species (e.g sandalwood mysore, and palm oil)
  • testing our final formulations on humans and sourcing ingredients that are certifiably from cruelty free origins
  • being actively involved in the movement towards plastic free - using no plastic bottles within our core ranges and using eco friendly bamboo caps with a minimal use of plastic

All skincare and wellbeing should nourish you from without and within.  Cruelty to the planet, cruelty to animals and thoughtlessness in the formulating process through the use of synthetic cheaper ingredients can't play any part in our journey.

To fully allow our ranges to help you to Bloom we believe we must infuse and create with a passion and a belief in the healing power of nature.  Our unique ranges must focus on wellbeing as much as they focus on their efficiency to nourish the skin.  We must nurture the soul.  We must encourage the ritutal of self care.  We must constantly remind ourselves of the healing ability of nature therapy.  We must do all this and more to allow each individual to fully Bloom xx