Our Ingredients

essential oils and natural ingredientsEssential oils, herbal extracts and organic base oils are the lifeblood of our wonderful creations

Essential oils are an amazing gift from nature, and are the passion of our company founder Marie Hall - an accredited aromatherapist and member of IFPA with a diploma in Essential Oil Science from Neals Yard, London.  These unique ingredients are blended in our aromatherapy creations with distilled floral waters, active herbal extracts and organic base oils to produce an award winning range of products.

As small batch producers using high quality botanical ingredients, we have a unique and close connection to our end product, and we constantly monitor the raw materials that we use.  We believe this is the reason behind our continued amazing customer feedback, and award success.

We don't use harsh synthetics in our products - many of these man made, and cheap ingredients have been linked to hormone disruption, identified as potential carcinogens, and are known skin irritants.  You will never find any such ingredients in our creations and that includes Parabens, Phthaltates, Artificial Colourings and Fragrances, SLS, DEA's, PEG's, Mineral oils & Petrochemicals.

We also care about the origin of our ingredients.  We avoid all ingredients that are associated with environmental damage (e.g palm oil) or species over harvesting (e.g Sandalwood Mysore essential oil).  None of our products, or their ingredients, have been tested on animals. When we formulate a new product we run a vigorous testing program on willing human volunteers!    All our products are vegan including our balms, where we have substitued beeswax for plant based candelilla wax.

 We believe that everything your skin needs can be found from nature

We preserve our products using a combination of the natural anti-bacterial action of essential oils combined with Benzyl Alcohol (a natural component of many essential oils) and Potassium sorbate (a natural potassium salt that is found in its original state in many fruits and berries). 

We formulate our ingredients in clever combinations to extend their shelf life naturally, through the use of antioxidants like Meadowfoam oil and Seabuckthorn extract. We include these ingredients not only because they are good for your skin but also because they help us creatie natural products without the need for harsh synthetic preservatives. 

 We also make our batches in small quantities - they don't sit on a warehouse shelf for up to 2 years.  We believe that ingredients for skincare and aromatherapy products, like ingredients for food, are best used fresh! 

And finally - all of our ingredients, formulas and products are analysed and tested by an independent cosmetic chemist and comply with EU regs, so that we know they are more than safe for you to use each and every day

As always, if you have any questions about any of the ingredients we use please contact us on info@bloomremedies.co.uk