Essential oils and Cancer: oils to help with radiation burns

Essential oils and Cancer: oils to help with radiation burns

Everyone is aware of cancer and how severely it can impact on our physical and mental / emotional health.  It's so tough; on those that have been diagnosed, on close friends and family, and on the friends and family that have to support those close family members.  

When I studied my diploma in essential oil science, many years ago, we touched on the topic of essential oils and cancer care but it's only been in the last couple few months that I've come to fully realise how healing essential oils can be as part of the cancer treatment journey. 

I've been using them daily to support me emotionally after a close family member recieved a positive diagnosis earlier this year.  And then about 2 months ago I was asked to formulate a bespoke product for a friend of friend suffering from terrible radiation burns after treatment for post-op breast cancer surgery

The product I created for the friend, had to take into account the need for extreme gentleness and had to be totally soothing.  In addition to this I wanted to use oils that would support her emotionally: our feminine selves can be deeply emotionally wounded when our breasts are removed, even though we know that the operation is life saving.

The balm that I made for the friend has proved to be a massive help.  It has helped with the healing enormously and in her own words is a 'magic potion... and really, really soothing'

Here's a quick snapshot of how to make the 'magic potion'


vegan candelilla wax - 7g, OR organic beeswax 8g

organic coconut oil - 21g (anti-bacterial, skin healing)

organic calendula oil - 50g (naturally anti-inflammatory, soothing)

organic rosehip oil - 22g (soothing, healing, reduces scars)

Organic Lavender oil 1ml - (20 drops) healing for burns, scars, anti-bacterial and naturally healing.  An emotionally calming oil and great for feelings of heightened stress


Organic Helichrysum oil - 1ml (20 drops) - the best essential oil available for wound healing and scars.  A great emotionally supportive oil - particularly good for wounded emotions.

Organic Roman Chamomile oil - 0.5ml (10 drops) - great for healing broken skin, and hugely anti-inflammatory.  Soothes and calms the emotions.  Supportive and gentle.

Melt the base oils and wax in a metal bowl suspended above a pan of gently simmering hot water.  Melt them slowly and once totally melted remove from the heat.  Allow to cool to approx 40-50 degress and mix in the essential oils.  Decant into a container and pop into the fridge to set and cool.  

Once cooled remove from the fridge and apply to the sore area of skin, use twice daily or as required and use the tips of the fingertips to gently apply.  

This balm is easy to make, and really effective, but do bear in mind that this is only a guide and as I'm not there watching over your attempt to make this I can't be held responsible if it goes wrong :)  Good luck, and lots of love

Marie x

NB - This balm is formulated a stronger 2.5% essential oil blend than I would normally use in a general balm, but that level of essential oils was needed to help accelerate the healing of the severe burns and was good to use at that level as it was only being applied to a patch area (not the whole body)




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