Essential Oils for Spring - banishing Winter blues and re-energising with essential oils

Essential Oils for Spring - banishing Winter blues and re-energising with essential oils

The fresh air of Spring is on it's way - if you are in tune with your surroundings you will have already noticed that plants are unfurling, grass is getting greener and (sometimes!) the sun seems to be shining more brightly

Essential oils are a great way to enhance the feeling that energy and brighter days are on their way.  Just as some animals hibernate across the winter months, we too tend to go inwards and slow down - even if we aren't fully aware that we are doing so.

Then Spring arrives and we feel the need to expand again, to get on with household jobs, to put our running shoes back on, to plan for the year ahead and to look forward with hope and optimism.

To help with this dusting down, I always use some amazing Spring blends in and around the home across March and April

Here are some of my favourite recipes!

Spring Time House Spray - To get rid of musty winter smells and fragrance the air with uplifting and energising oils.  This spray is also great at cleansing the air and combating 'changing season' bugs.  It's amazing how many of us get coughs and colds as we transition from one season to the next and this anti-bacterial and sinus cleansing blend will help combat that.

You will need an empty bottle with an atomiser spray.

Approx 25ml vodka or other clear, high % proof alcohol

75ml water

Bergamot - 10 drops

Grapefruit - 20 drops

Rosemary - 10 drops

To make - add the essential oils to the neat alcohol (the alcohol is in the recipe to help disperse the essential oils into the water, rather than them just sitting on the top of the water in little globules).  Mix together then add to the water.  Decant the whole lot into the bottle.  When you want to use, simply shake the bottle well and then spray.  

Spring Time Room Blend - Another refreshing, energising and cleansing blend, that helps focus the mind, reduce headaches and helps create feelings of joy.  This blend, like the one above, is also cleansing and good for changing season bugs.   This recipe makes a 5ml bottle, which you then need approx 4-6 drops to add to a diffuser of burner.

 Lemon - 50 drops

Lemongrass - 20 drops

Eucalyptus Lemon - 20 drops

Peppermint - 10 drops

To make - add the essential oils together, mix and decant into an essential oil dropper bottle

Spring Detox Bath Salts - Bath salts are one of the best ways that you can cleanse the body - they help draw out impurities as well as adding back into you system vital minerals.  They are great skin softeners and also great for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis which can flare up over the winter months.

You will need an empty jar with a tight lid.

200g salts (50g of epsom salts, 100g dead sea and 50g himalyan is idea, but you can just use one type) - 

Ginger essential oil - 10 drops

Bergamot essential oil - 25 drops

Sweet Orange essential oil - 45 drops

To make - combine the salts in a large bowl, then add the drops of essential oils.  Mix with a spoon and decant into the airtight jar.  To use in the bath add approx 2-3 tablespoons to hot running water, swoosh through the water and inhale the steam and aromas before you submerge into the bath.

I hope you've found the above blends and info useful, please get in touch if you'd like more info via

Much love,

Marie x



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