Face oils and serums - naturally strengthen and nourish your skin

Face oils and serums - naturally strengthen and nourish your skin

Pure pressed oils, oils with herbal infused extracts and distilled essential oils have been used for millennia to nourish and smooth the skin on our faces.

Using face oils is part beauty routine, part inner beauty ritual.  The sensual motion of smoothing oil across a face immediately taps into an inner sense of wellbeing and mindfulness.  The process is slow - there's no quick-rub-fix to get that golden elixir to sink into your skin, and in the ritual of slowness a little bit of quietness and calming is often found.  


  • Face creams contain upto 90% less of the oil and essential oil goodness that you get with a super rich face oil, as they contain water and emulsifiers.  Moisturisers are great for a mattifying daytime finish, but oils are the rich skin boost you need for the evening / night time
  • Applying face oils encourages you to massage your face, use small circular and upwards sweeping motions.  Face massage is a naturally anti-aging and lovely daily practice, particuarlly if done mindfully while deeply inhaling the therapeutic essential oils at the same time.
  • Face oils are great for all skin types, including oily.  If you have oily skin and use a light face oil in the evening it can naturally reduce the sebum levels produced by your skin and actually help reduce oiliness over time.
  • For dry or mature skin some of the best oils to apply neat to the face include macadamia, argan, evening primrose, rosehip, olive, avocado and jojoba
  • For oilier skins the best oils to use in face oils include oils which have a high linoleic acid content - hemp, jojoba, camellia seed, argan, evening primrose, rosehip, 
  • Use face oils at night, as your skin during sleep is more adept at absorbing any goodness that is rubbed into it than during the day.  All of the mineral and vitamin richness of the oils is fully felt, and it also doesn't mean that you have to wait an age for the oil to absorb before applying any surface make-up that you might wear on a daily basis. 

It's really simple to make a face oil yourself.  Make sure you use a clean bottle, ideally one that has a pipette or dropper to allow you to dispense small amounts of oil for use.  When applying the oil use your fingertips and start with small circular massage motions, before finishing with upward sweeping motions.  Don't forget to include your neck.

TO MAKE A 30ml bottle of face oil


10ml organic jojoba oil

8 ml organic argan oil

6ml organic evening primrose oil

6ml organic avocado oil

3 drops frankincense essential oil

3 drops rose or neroli essential oil



10ml organic grapeseed oil

8 ml organic argan oil

6ml organic jojoba oil

6ml organic camellia seed oil

3 drops ho leaf essential oil

3 drops palmarosa essential oil



10ml organic sunflower oil

8 ml organic argan oil

6ml organic jojoba oil

6ml organic camellia seed oil

3 drops roman chamomile essential oil

3 drops lavender essential oil



10ml organic olive oil

8 ml organic rosehip oil

6ml organic jojoba oil

6ml organic argan seed oil

3 drops geranium essential oil

3 drops patchouli essential oil


Let me know how you get on if you decide to make any of the oils mentioned above.  And if creating from scratch isn't your 'thing' you can always buy some ready made face oil here and indulge in some ritual face massage that smells divine.

Much love Marie xx



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