Face Oils - the science behind their skin benefits, and how they also offer aromatic momemts of calm

Face Oils - the science behind their skin benefits, and how they also offer aromatic momemts of calm

Face oils are great for all skin types but they can especially benefit mature and aging skin due to their super charged nourishing qualities and their ability to penetrate the skins deeper layers. 

But it's not all about skin plumping, and reduction of fine lines. In additon to the physical benefits that face oils can bring, I also find that face oils are a wondeful 'ritual' product.  Taking a small moment to rub the oil in between my palms and hold my warm palms to my face to deeply inhale the essential oil aromas, is a wonderful therapeutic moment for wellbeing and mental self care.  It reminds me that I am worth this moment in time, where I am taking care of myself and inhaling essential oils to bring me to a tranquil space in which to breathe and just be.

But before I get into a mini ritual for mental wellbeing, let's take a deep dive into the physical properties and benefits of face oils.

Why Use Face Oils?  The Science Behind Their AMAZING Benefits

Maintaining a strong natural barrier is essential for the skin's health, preventing dullness, redness, and dehydration while promoting balance, even tone, softness, and a glowing complexion.

Face oils create a barrier on the skin, softening and sealing it, preventing water loss and adding a radiant, beaming glow.  In addition to the barrier that oils can create, we also need to consider the chemical composition of the molecules in face oils.

Most skincare products make their way into the skin past the stratum corneum (the outer layer of skin) and into the skin's epidermis.  This process is called PENETRATION, and most ingredients in moisturisers end their journey here - at the surface layer of the skin.  Their molecular structure is too large in size to continue the journey into the deeper layers of the skin.

However, some ingredients in skincare products are very special.  They are made up of molecules that are very small in size and they are able to continue through the skins layers into the very base layers of the structure of the skin in order to strengthen, nourish and mantain elasticity.  ALL essential oils are made up of tiny molecules that are able to penetrate and nourish these deeper layers.  In addition to essential oils having this ability, there are many plant based oils that also are able to do this.  Included in this list, to name a few are Argan oil, Squalene (from olive oil), Jojoba oil, Evening primrose oil, Rosehip oil and Avocado oil.

Face oils that contain these oils are like a super charged nutritional shot for the face.  The oil concentration is high (100%!) and there is no dilution with water or emulsifiers, as is the case with moisturisers, so when you apply a face oil to your skin you are automatically applying a product that can penetrate, and nourish the very deepest layers.  Which as your skin ages is an amazing thing to do.


Face Oils as A Self Care Ritual for Wellbeing

Our face oils have been carefully formulated to boost and nourish they skin.  But in addition to that they are also infused with essential oils that have been chosen for their additional beautiful effects on wellbeing and mental tranquility.

In our Replenish Face Oil you will find Neroli (for self love), Patchouli (for inner strength) and Geranium (for emotional balance)

In our Revive Face oil you will find Rose (for self love) Frankincense (for inner strength and spiritual connection), Rose Geranium (for emotional balance) and Sandalwood (for peace and clarity)

A mini-two minute face oil ritual

Apply a few drops of your chosen face oil to the palms of your hands, lift your cupped hands to your face and deeply inhale 3 times through the nose with closed eyes.

Feel your feet grounded on the floor and the strength of the earth beneath you.

Rub your palms together and place your warm palms against your face, then use your fingertips to massage the oil into your skin using motions that sweep outwards to the hairline.

Deeply inhale and repeat these sweeping motions for a few moments until the face oil is fully absorbed.

This ritual is a beautiful way to end the day and nourish your skin before bedtime




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