Into the Light - Essential Oils for Low mood, Low energy and Winter Blues

Into the Light - Essential Oils for Low mood, Low energy and Winter Blues

Essential oils are one of natures best aids when you are feeling in a low mood and in need of energy and uplift.  They are the little helpers you can use to move you into the light.

There has been a ton of research done on how the tiny moleculcar structures found in many of the compounds in essential oils are able to cross the blood brain barrier in a way that very few other substances can, and are able to physiologically reduce levels of inflammation, boost immunity and alter moods. 

Here's a quick overview of three of the oils that I love to turn to whenever I'm feeling I need to boost my mood and my energy and to banish the Winter Blues.

Basil (ocimum basilicum)

This bright, green and vibrant oil is energising and great for chasing away low energy and low moods.  It has a strong and potent scent and it is also a great oil for protection against negative external forces (if the news is getting you down, then this is a great oil to reach for)

It is also a fantastic oil to use during the winter months as not only does it lift moods, it is also a natural immune booster and good for the respiratory system.

This oil cannot be used during pregnancy.

Bay Laurel (laurus nobilis)

Another oil that is strongly scented and offers protection against negative external forces in addition to strong antibacterial, immune boosting and respiratory actions. 

The oil promotes confidence and courage and is great for those who are low in energy and self esteem

Eucalyptus Lemon (eucalyptus citriodora)

With a fresh bright fragrance, this genus of eucalyptus is gentler than the more commonly used Eucalytus Globulus and has an uplifting lemony scent.  It encourges feelings of lightness and optimisim and it helps combat depression and mental fatigue.  

I've always used this oil when feeling tired and despondent.  It's like having a personal life coach in a bottle, giving you the lift you need when things feel hard.

Uplifting Daily Blend for Low Energy, Low Mood and Winter Blues

This recipe makes a 5ml bottle of ready blended oil to use in your burner whenever required.  Do not use neat on the skin or in the bath as the oil is very potent and can cause skin sensitivity.  And definitely do not use on the body if you are pregnant.  A few drops can be added to a tissue and inhaled across the day or iyou can nfuse your surrounding through use of a diffuser or burner.

Add 4-8 drops to your burner.

x 20 drops Basil (1ml)

x 20 drops Bay (1ml)

x 10 drops Cardamom (0.5ml)

x 30 drops Lemon Eucalyptus (1.5ml)

x 20 drops Petitgrain (1ml)





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