Moments of Gentleness & Creative Calm

Moments of Gentleness & Creative Calm

It's a quiet day here in Cornwall.  After blankets of grey, that bluster with the racing clouds into rain, then blue, then back to grey again, we finally have a decent spell of soft winter sunshine and mood soothing light that has lingered with us for the last few days.

I'm currently abed with Covid, resting with the pooches and the sound of the ring collared doves calling to each other in the tree outside.

I've been using oils to help me as I always do when ill, but I've also been reflecting in this enforced isolation - on what a pleasure it is to slow down, spend time alone and think of things beyond the everyday.  Hence my post about the moments of gentless that we all too often miss out on and the oils that we can use to help us savour those moments that often lead to creative thinking and idea generation.

Oils for illness are the obvious ones in my burner today - Naouli, Ravensara, a little Rosemary and Tea Tree thrown in for good measure.

But the ones I'm reaching for to tap into the quet solitude and the spiritual creativity that that solitude brings are Plai, Frankincense, Wild Sage and Lemongrass

I've been blending with these each day on a tissue, observing the world outside as I remain in, savouring their fragrance and gently reflecting and inhaling.  Below is a bit of info on each oil and some blends that have worked well in helping me slow down, breathe deep, become calmer, more grounded and more in tune with my place in the world and the journey ahead.

Plai - a softer, gentler cousin of Ginger, Plai is a great earth bound oil and offers a gentle reminder that feet on the ground do not always need to be rushing to be wise.  The oil is softly smokey and warm and perfect for these colder months. With anti-flammatory physcial properties that translate into calming the inflammation of overwrought emotions.  Post Xmas we all feel a little overwrought and this warming oil helps soothe and ease those ragged edges.

Frankincense - the most spiritual oil, a tranquil queen among her oil cousins and a holder of the breath for 1000's of years.  I see this oil as a gentle strong presence, a fragrant guide that engenders feelings of tranquility and calm..  She heals wounds both physically and mentally, and enters the mind to open up closed doors and allow new beginnings and new possibilities to reveal themselves to you.

Wild Sage - to help cleanse the mind this herby green oil has a wise and lingering fragrance that connects to the earth and speaks of renewal, I often reach for Sage when I'm a bit unsure about life and what I'm supposed to be doing with it!   This oil of renewal partners so well with Frankincense and is good one to use when negative self talk has been an issue for you.  

Lemongrass - uplifting and with a high note and vibe, Lemongrass is a bright cleanser and good for clearing out the cobwebs and muddle from the mind.  It moves aside clutter and eliminates toxic thoughts in the same way that it helps cleanse and eliminate toxins on the skin.  A beautiful partner for creative higher thinking, it is an oil of possibility optimism and hope.

Blend recipes & Rituals:

Gentle grounding and restful re-rooting

On a tissue add x4 drops of Plai oil and x2 drops of Frankincense essential oil.  Keep the tissue over/near your nose to fully inhale the blend.  Sit in a chair and feel the solidity of the chair beneath you.  With your eyes closed and starting at the top of the body, visualise your head on your shoulders and feel it's weight.  Work down through your body visualising each body part and feeling the weight of that body part in space and against the chair.  End with your feet.  Feel your feet 'grow' roots into the earth.  Inhale the blend and feel utterly grounded and supported.  In that grounded support feel how gentle the air is around you, how strong you are, how rooted you are and how safe.

Gentle and creative slow unfurl

On a tissue add x2 drops of Frankincense x1 drop of lemongrass and x1 drop of wild sage.  Lie down and inhale several times from the tissue.  Place the tissue in your hand by your side or near to the side of your head.  After you have inhaled, visualise a white soft beam of light shining down on your forehead.  The light hits your third eye and travels into your mind, clearing and making room for renewal and a slow unfurling regrowth.  Inhale the tissue again and visualise the white light travelling down through your body and leavning through the souls of your feet.  The light is cleansing but warm.  Continue to lie down, gently support and calm and visualise the light while inhaling the oil blend slowly, for as long or as little as you want.

I hope these gentle nudges to take time to slow down reach you one day....No rush of course!

Much love, 

Marie x

NB Do not use these oils if pregnant or if suffering with hypertension, epilepsy or migraine.






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