Oils for Inner Confidence - body positivity and how to learn to love yourself

Oils for Inner Confidence - body positivity and how to learn to love yourself

'Body positivity' - two words that get some sneers in certain quarters but for the vast majority of females are a breath of fresh air. 

When I was young thes two words weren't even on the radar.  Confidence was constantly linked to how you looked and if you didn't have 'the look' (and 'the look' had to be slim) then it was hard to get the confidence.  Now that I have three daughters myself, three bright and hopeful young women, I am so SO pleased that a voice has been given to female inner confidence. That a voice is being given to your worth being more than your body shape and size. That ALL body shapes and types are being given a platform to shout their worth and say hey, I'm pretty gorgeous despite not being a size 8.  Social media gets a lot of bad press, but in this instance it is definitely working as a force for good.

We've still got a long way to go.  And all generations, not just teens and young women, are bombarded with images of the 'perfect woman, and perfect body shape'.  Sometimes it's hard to get your confidence up and running when you worry about certain bits of your body not looking quite right, and I think this particularly applies to women who haven't had the body positivity movement to inspire them for the majority of their lives.

When that inner critic rears it's ugly head and starts to knock your confidence down to the ground I can recommend some amazing oil blends to encourage a little more self love, self care, and kick ass 'I am amazing!' inspiration.  And you are.  You honestly are!  Your body works so hard for you every day of your life and so it doesn't matter, it REALLY doesn't matter if you have a bit of cellulite here, or a wobbly bulge there.  You can still be beautiful despite these perfectly perfect imperfections.  I promise.  You are enough.


This warm, uplifting, nurturing and beautifully heart opening blend is a bright and wonderful way to start your day with a positive vibe.

May Chang - 5 drops.  This sunny oil is uplifting, bright and beautiful and it seems to pass on that lovely energy to those who use it. - 

Marjoram - 5 drops.  A soft green herbacous scent that provides comfort, warmth and feelings of happiness

Grapefruit - 10 drops.  A euphoric and light oil that helps expel negativity and opens the heart to love and happiness

If you want to make a 10ml bottle batch to keep ready mixed on your shelf you will need 50 drops of Marjoram and May Chang and 100 drops of Grapefruit.

The oil can go in a diffuser or oil burner although the lighter notes of Grapefruit get lost pretty quickly, so I would recommend using it as an oil to rub across your heart and chest before you start the day.  Dilute in a base oil at a ratio of 10 drops to 25ml

If that inner critic has already wormed it's way into your brain and your confidence needs picking up then try this gorgeous best friend oil solution...


This blend is a pokey firecracker for when you're feeling low and in need of a real shake up.  It's for when you haven't got the energy or the will to allow any self love.  It's like a vibrant friend who throws open the curtains and lets the sunshine in, spins around and says Hey you!  You're amazing and you ARE good enough. 

Plai (or ginger) - 5 drops (or 3 drops of ginger).  Plai is closely related to ginger, a gentler cousin, and gives gentle strength and support with inner confidence and resiliance

Bay Laurel - 5 drops.  A physical stimulant but also a mind soother (some oils have dual personalities like that), great for lethargy and feeling low

Black Pepper - 5 drops.  Like Bay, this warming oil is a simulator that strengthens the nerves.  Bay also helps warm the heart when feeling down

Lime - 10 drops.  Activating and stimulating when feeling apathetic and down, and helps uplift and refresh a tired mind.

If you want to make a 10ml bottle batch to keep ready mixed on your shelf you will need 40 drops of Plai, Bay and Black Pepper and 80 drops of Lime.

Add neat to an oil diffuser and burner to keep your immediate environment energised.  Do not apply this blend undiluted and neat to the skin as it is POTENT.  If you want to rub into the body I would suggest the soles of the feet every morning and evening for a week at the following ratio: 10 drops of the oil blend to 25ml base oil. You won't use all of this in one go, but you can keep the oil ready mixed and use across a week.  Avoid contact with the skin if you have sensitive or allergy prone skin and stop using if your skin starts to sensitize.  And finally do not use or inhale this blend if you are PREGNANT. 

I really hope that this helps, and would love to hear how you get on with the oils/blends

Much Love,


Marie  xx

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