Wax Melts - and how to use them!

Wax Melts - and how to use them!

Wax melts are small cubes of fragrant wax that you melt in the top of an oil burner or electric melter/aroma stone to fragrance your home.  They are a great way to impart a gorgeous scent without having to remember to blow out the naked flame of a large candle or have to worry about dripping wax.  They are also very cute and make lovely little gifts!

However, we've been asked loads lately what they are - and how to use them.  Someone even asked if they were edible!  Admittedly, ours do look a little like white chocolate cubes, so perhaps the questions wasn't that bizarre!




To use wax melts you simply pop a cube of of the product into the top of your oil burner or electic wax melter and let the aroma fragrance the room.  When you blow out the oil burner/turn off the wax melter the wax will cool down and harden and you can then relight your tealight burner / turn on your melter again and get another beautiful scent throw.  The melts will need discarding once the fragrance has 'evaporated'.  To get rid of a spent wax melt, allow to fully cool and harden, then relight or turn on your burner for a short time to allow the hard wax melt to become ever-so-slightly loose and you can then pop out and discard.  Unlike with a candle, the wax will not disappear, the fragrance will simply 'run out' over time.

That's it!  Simple.  And they really do make the most gorgeous gifts.  We have them availabe in our Serenity blend (for sleep and relaxation) our Radiance blend (for happiness and joy) and new for Christmas, our Cosy Christmas blend infused with warming and festive Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Sweet Orange, Cardamom and Clove.

AND, if you dont' have an oil burner or we sell these too... they are also very pretty and make lovely gifts and you can find them here



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