Ylang Ylang - more than just a beautiful aroma

Ylang Ylang - more than just a beautiful aroma

Ylang Ylang is one of the most potent and fragrant essential oils that we use here at Bloom.  It's a heady mix of sweetness and floral depth that promotes feelings of relaxation and euphoria.  Grown in Indonesia and Madagascar, the essential oil is extracted by steam and water distillation from the freshly picked flowers of the Cananga tree. 

Despite it's exotic origins the oil has been used in the UK since the Victorian times.  It was the main fragrant ingredient in the popular men's Macassar hair dressing. Blended with coconut or palm oil, Macassar was a hair pomade and a key part of men's grooming. It even led to the naming of the little small cloths put on the backs of chairs 'antimacassars' which were created to protect furniture from the transference of the hair oil!

There is much more to this wonderful oil, however, than simply its beautiful smell. It's powerful therapeutic properties can be used to treat mind, body and soul.

Natural Euphoric and Aphrodisiac

Ylang Ylang is a natural euphoric oil and extremely uplifting.  The link between euphoria and it's aphrodisiac properties is pronounced, and can be used to increase the urge to engage in lovemaking. In it's native Indonesia the flowers are strewn on the wedding night bed of newly married couples due to the aphrodisiac properties of the scent and flowers!

Slowing and Flowing

Ylang Ylang is also known for it's ability to slow down rapid breathing and fast heart rates.  These sedative properties help reduce feelings of stress and increase of relaxation in the nervous system through the regulation of adrenalin.  The slowing and flowing actions of this oil mean that it is particularly good for panic attacks and palpitations as they are happening in the moment.  

Panic Attack Blend

  • 2 drops of ylang ylang
  • 2 drops of mandarin

Add to a tissue, deeply inhaling through the nose and out through the mouth.  

Irritability, Mood swings and Depression

A renowned antidepressant oil, Ylang Ylang is particularly beneficial for treating nervous depression, and also calming associated feelings of frustration, irritation and anger. It is a natural euphoric, lifts spirits and opens up emotions that are withdrawn.  It's particularly useful for mood issues relating to PMS or the perimenopause and I have used it in bespoke blends for clients to successfully help with these, in particular in relation to mood swings.  You can make a great oil blend at home to help with PMS / Perimenopausal mood related symptoms, but always bear in mind that underlying a lot of mood swings and shifts there might be something deeper going on that you need to address:

PMS / Perimenopausal mood blend:

  • 1 drops Ylang ylang
  • 2 drops Clary Sage*
  • 2 drops Neroli

Add the above drops directly into a bath or prepare a 1% blended massage oil by adding to 25ml of a carrier oil (e.g cold pressed olive oil).  When I practiced as a clinical aromatherapist I would prepare blends at up to 2.5% for full body massage oils, or up to 5% for localised topical preparations but the above oils are so heady that a 1% blend in this instance will definitely suffice.

*never use Clary Sage if you are pregnant as it is a potent uterine oil that can encourage contractions.

Creativity and expression

The oil is so expressive that it is often used for externalising internal feelings.  It helps with expression and creativityminine.  If you area feeling out of kilter with your own truth then it help with feelings of connection - where do i want to be in life, what do i want to do. It can help also men connect with their feminine side and nurtures intuition. This again may be part of the reason why Ylang Ylang helps to promote romance and sexual compatibility.

Deep Meditation

The slowing down aspect of Ylang Ylang's personality is a direct link to feelings of peace and calm that are needed for a successful meditation practice.  It is a heavy oil, and that helps with the feelings of bodily heaviness that are sometimes needed during meditation to go deep and fully loose yourself in the practice. 

All of the positive aspects of Ylang Ylang need to be discussed alongside some of the cautions.  The heavy and potent aroma and personality of this oil can mean that is not suitable for people that suffer with headaches or migraines as it can aggravate them or bring them on.



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