Tranquility Pure Essential Oil blend

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Moments of slowness and Tranquility are essential when overwhelm threatens to invade.  Our natural Tranquility pure essential oil blend helps soothe restless and overactive minds with botanicals that provide an aromatic moment of peace and calm.  Perfect as a meditation aid or as an aromatic way to soothe an overworked mind. 

The blend contains pure essential oils of grounding Cedarwood and Ginger, soothing Petitgrain, and earthy Patchouli.  

This 10ml bottle is a non diluted blend of our Tranquility oils.  A couple of drops can be added to a bath, to an oil burner, to a tissue and inhaled, or to an aroma diffuser.  As this is an undiluted essential oil blend it must NOT be applied neat to the skin.

100% vegan.  In a reclyclable glass bottle that helps on our environmental journey towards plastic free